RecommendedSorry, Hippies: The Haight Boasts Most Single Millionaires”

If you’re looking to marry a millionaire, you’ve apparently come to the right neighborhood.

SF Magazine reports on a new study by consulting firm WealthEngine that ranked San Francisco neighborhoods according to their quantity of unmarried resident millionaires.  

Of 24 neighborhoods, which ranked as number one?  The Haight, oddly.

Here are the top five:

1. Haight: 283 (226 men, 57 women)
2. Castro: 256 (177 men, 79 women)
3. Noe Valley: 228 (132 men, 96 women)
4. Pacific Heights: 182 (108 men, 74 women)
5. Inner Richmond: 178 (99 men, 79 women)

Now, this doesn’t account for population of each neighborhood, so we may not be tops per capita. And its unclear what the boundaries of “The Haight” are in this study. The map shows a region spanning both Upper and Lower Haights as well as Cole Valley.  

Still, the study confirms what you probably already knew: there are lots of wealthy singletons among us.  The question is, whyhas this area become the city’s secret nexus of unmarried wealth? If you have a theory, we’re all ears…

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