On Think Tanks | Transparify 2016 report

Transparify’s 2016 think tank transparency report, detailing the levels of financial disclosure of 200 think tanks located in 47 countries worldwide, was published on 29th June 2016:
  • The report has a special focus on think tanks in the UK. Almost two thirds of UK think tanks are now broadly or highly transparent (4- or 5-star), while only four remain highly opaque.
  • Dozens of think tanks from a diverse array of countries such as Germany, Ghana, Hungary, and Ukraine have made large leaps forward in transparency and have disclosed more funding data over the past year.
  • Transparency in policy research has become the norm in several countries, including the United States, Great Britain, and Georgia. However, other countries still lag behind.
  • More than 60 of the 200 think tanks are now highly transparent (5-star).

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UPDATE (29 June, 7:30 GMT): The Hudson Institute (United States) have greatly increased their transparency in their 2015 report. While their update came after Transparify closed its assessments, the Hudson Institute deserves a 4-star transparency. There now are 30 think tanks in the United States that are highly or broadly transparent, and only 4 that are highly opaque.

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