Letter: The Bush years were no so great | The Salt Lake Tribune

During the eight years of George W. Bush, we got 9/11, a war in Iraq and the greatest depression since 1929. Now, if you don’t blame Bush (understandable), it’s hard to understand how you can blame Barack Obama for the past eight years while giving Bush a get-out-of-responsibility card.

The Republican-controlled Congress have demonstrated that not only can they not control their party, they’ve gone out of their way to obstruct legislation. These past eight years have shown Congress to be the most ineffectual body ever.

The Republican Party brought this government to its knees twice, hamstrung the Supreme Court and offered up Donald Trump as a solution for dysfunction. They are fighting their own candidate. They have created a Frankenstein and now are trying to distance themselves from responsibility.

The Republicans have tried to hang Benghazi on Hillary Clinton for the deaths of personnel who were not even in a U.S. embassy, but a rogue CIA location. OK, maybe they should look at the 13 embassy attacks and 60 staff killed during the eight years of Bush. So if Mr. Bush had no responsibility for those deaths, how is it Ms. Clinton is responsible?

Kurt Guseman



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