Highlights from Asia Contemporary Art Show – CNN.com

Highlights from Asia Contemporary Art Show – CNN.com

The Asia Contemporary Art Show, now in its 7th edition, is an annual exhibition held in Hong Kong. It showcases artworks by emerging Asian artists and established international favorites.

This year 2,000 artworks by 300 artists are up for sale. The works are split into four main categories: paintings, sculpture, photography and limited edition works.

Mark Saunderson, the show’s curator and director, says the selected works are fit for Asia’s “buyer-driven” art market.

“Buyers in Asia vary from one-off collectors investing in a single piece of art, to the institutional museum specifically seeking multiple pieces from fresh new talent,” says Saunderson. “It is necessary to curate a show that successfully fulfils all these requirements.”

Ones to watch

The show features artworks by fresh talent, such as Hong-Kong based artists Bobo Po and Martin Lever, and Chinese artist Lin Yun.

Saunderson says works by these artists, priced anywhere between $500 to $4000 dollars, “fits the bill for a younger buyer that’s visiting the show.”

While these artists have promising careers ahead of them, Saunderson says he is reluctant to select a single “rising star” from the show.

“I don’t think there are very many in the art industry that could predict the next Ai Wei Wei.” 

Old favorites

More predictable are how works by established artists on the scene will perform. Saunderson expects paintings by Chinese artists Du Haijun and Hong Haochang to do well, as both have international profiles. A selection of their works will be priced at $9000 to $50,000 dollars.

On the higher range, are favorites like Zhang Xiaogang. Zhang’s works have previously sold for over $10 million dollars.

The Asia Contemporary Art Show will be on view October 8-11 at The Conrad hotel in Hong Kong. Saunderson curates a selection of highlights from the show in the gallery above.

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