Here’s how we fix corruption in America | End corruption. Defend the Republic.

WATCH: Congress won’t fix corruption.

We will.

We are protecting our communities and our country from corruption by passing city, state and federal Anti-Corruption Acts.

Problem = Corruption.
Solution = Anti-Corruption Act.

The American Anti-Corruption Act sets a standard for city, state and federal laws that break money’s grip on politics:

  • Stop political bribery by making it illegal for elected officials to raise money from interests they regulate.
  • End secret money by mandating full transparency of all political spending.
  • Empower voters with an opt-in, individual tax rebate for small political donations.
Together, we’re building a nationwide movement to fix corruption.

In communities across America, Represent.Us members are working together — conservatives, progressives and everyone in between — to pass local Anti-Corruption Acts. Together, member-led Represent.Us chapters are leading the fight to protect our communities from the corruption that plagues Congress.

Every town, city, state and county has a unique political makeup, so every Anti-Corruption Act is uniquely tailored to the needs of each community.

Local action, national political power.


Every municipal and state Anti-Corruption Act creates common-sense conflict of interest, ethics, transparency and campaign finance laws. State Acts create the opportunity for federal candidates from that state to campaign on the anti-corrupt platform — accountable to their constituents, not special interests.

Candidates who win election on this platform have built-in incentive to champion Anti-Corruption in Washington (because that’s what got them elected). Every state we win gets us one crucial step closer to passing the American Anti-Corruption Act.

Want to explain corruption your friends? Here’s a great place to start:

Learn more about the problem

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